The Latin American Student Association (LatAm) at Boston University is a space for networking and exchange and an organization representing all people from Latin America.


Article I: Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Latin American Student Association, which will hereinafter be referred to as LatAm.


Article II: Purpose of LatAm

A.            To create a sense of community within BU, where Latin American students can build friendships and networks for present and future needs.

B.            To encourage and promote debates and solution proposals on Latin American issues.

C.            To foster a sense of pride in our shared cultural background through events we host.

D.            To promote and develop philanthropic and charitable activities and events for those in need in Latin America.

E.             To serve as an intellectual and political platform for discussions and knowledge sharing about our region.

F.             To exist as a meeting space for incoming international Latin American students.

G.            To serve as a resource of information for international Latin American students at Boston University.

H.            To serve as a liaison with other Latin American student groups and organizations in other Boston and North American colleges.


Article III: Membership

A.            Membership shall be open to all Boston University students who are of Latin American heritage or are interested in Latin America. Membership must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, or political or religious affiliation. Compliance with these laws means that membership, benefits, and the election of officers will not be made on the basis of these factors.

B.            Other members of the University community (defined as current faculty, staff, administrators and alumni) may attend LatAm’s meetings and activities, but may not conduct business on behalf of LatAm, vote, hold positions of responsibility including but not limited to be elected, appointed, or volunteer in positions or be involved in the finances of the LatAm.

C.            All members shall have equal rights and privileges with respect to membership, holding an office position, and participating in the election of the E-Board of LatAm.

D.            An Official Roster of LatAm members will be kept by the E-Board. Members listed in LatAm’s Official Roster will be eligible for: voting, becoming part of the E-Board, proposing amendments/constitutional changes and be chosen as a non-Executive Board officers.  

E.             People who assist to at least two meetings per semester and have an active engagement will be automatically included in the Official Roster.


Article IV: Meetings

A.            The E-Board will meet weekly to discuss LatAm’s plans, proposals and development of current ideas.

B.            The E-Board will host a monthly meeting with LatAm’s members, informing the group of LatAm’s plans, assembling cultural activities and including the whole member-body in the plan-making and brainstorming of LatAm. The E-Board may also schedule additional meetings if necessary.


Article V: Executive Board Structure

A.            LatAm will be primarily directed by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B.            The e-board will be represented and managed by:

1.     The President of LatAm, who will:

a.            Call for meetings;

b.            Preside over meetings;

c.            Establish short and long-term goals;

d.            Serve as a spokesperson for the organization;

e.            Represent the organization to the University.

f.             Carry out the provisions of the Constitution.

2.     The Vice-President of LatAm, who will:

 .               Assume the duties of the president when he or she is absent;

a.              Recruit new members;

b.             Mentor new officers.

3.     The Secretary of LatAm, who will:

 .               Assume the responsibilities for the club correspondences, including sending and replying to emails;

a.              Maintain a record of meetings, including attendance;

b.             Maintain a record of all events and activities by the organization.

4.     The Treasurer of LatAm, who will

 .               Oversee the organization’s budget;

a.              Serve as the primary signatory on financial accounts;

b.             Maintain records of all expenditures by the club.

  1. Novel positions under the E-Board may be created depending on LatAm’s needs for additional leadership. These roles may include but not be limited to: Cultural Coordinator, Athletic Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Editor of LatAm’s Magazine, etc.

D.            Students studying abroad or who will not be available for an entire school year cannot be members of the E-Board. Their candidacy is prohibited.

E.             Only one position may be held at any given time by an individual.


Article VI: Executive Board Elections

A.            Only people listed in LatAm’s Official Roster are eligible to vote.

B.            Elections will be done through secret ballots. These will be managed by a randomly chosen non E-Board member of LatAm.

C.            The totality of members listed in the Official Roster shall have the right to vote in every election celebrated.

D.            Should an E-Board member suddenly or decisively depart from LatAm, the following order of succession will take place.

1.     Departure of the President will see the Vice-President take his/her position for the residual presidential term. An election for a new Vice-President must be conducted within 30 days of the President’s departure.

2.     Departure of the Vice-President (or call to Presidency), Secretary, and/or Treasurer will result in an election which must be conducted within 30 days of the member’s departure.

  1. Elections for each E-Board officer position will be conducted annually.

F.             A candidate will be elected if they gain a majority of votes from LatAm members who participate in the election.

G.            The time and place for E-Board elections will vary. The E-Board will decide where and when it will take place. Members will be informed of time and place via email.  

H.            E-Board officer positions are only available to members of LatAm who have been listed in LatAm’s Official Roster for at least a year.

I.              Members of LatAm will be informed of electoral decisions via email and social media.

J.              New elected E-Board officers will assume their position at the start of each new academic school year.


Article VII: Student Group Advisor 

A.            The responsibilities for the student group advisor include:

    1. Be available as a mentor to LatAm’s members and to assist them with problems and decisions related to the organization.

    2. Provide continuity and stability as student leadership changes.

    3. Serve as a nexus between LatAm and the University’s staff.

    4. Provide advice for LatAm’s members and E-Board.

    5. Serve as the Official Staff Representative of LatAm.

    6. Work closely with the organization to ensure cooperative relations between the Advisor and LatAm’s members.

    7. Ensure that appropriate university policies are upheld.

Article VIII: Amendments and Modifications to the LatAm Constitution

A.            Amendments to the Constitution can be suggested by any LatAm member.

B.            Changes to the Constitution may only take place if at least 70% of LatAm’s members who participate in the election vote to amend.